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Offshore Gas Gathering Systems & Subsea Pipeline to Shore

Concept & Feasability Studies - Consultants to Various Clients (2011 - Present)

Conceptual design and FEED study for a shallow water offshore gas gathering system for the State of Israel.

Offshore Supervision & Inspection

Consultants to INGL and Various Clients (2004 - Present)

Supervision and inspection of offshore activities for clients such as diving inspection, offshore infrastructure construction, sub-sea work, operations, offshore surveys, maintenance, and others. 

Research & Reports

Consultants to Academic Institutes, Strategic Think-Tanks and Other Organizations

Critical Asset Review of Offshore Oil & Gas Infrastructure

Consultants to Clients in the Security & Defense Industry

Contributing to the Marine Spatial Plan For Israel

Offshore Technology Consultants to the Technion (2013 - 2015)

Special Floating Structures

Concept & Feasibility Study - Consultants to Client in the Security Sector (2014)

Conceptual design and FEED study for a conceptual floating platform in deep water in the security and defense sector.

Artificial Islands (Offshore Structures)

Concept & Feasibility Study - Consultants to the Ministry of Science, Technology & Space (2014)

Offshore Engineering & Technology Consultants on Project Tama 37H

Consultants to Lerman Architects (2010 - 2013)

Offshore engineering & technology consultants to Lerman Architects regarding the the National Statutory Plan referred to as "Tama 37H" conducted for the Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy & Water

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