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Core Business

Bipol Energy is a multidisciplinary offshore engineering, technology, innovation and management consultancy company based in Israel.

Bipol Energy was founded by Avri Shefler and has been active in Israel since the first discoveries of natural gas in Gaza Marine (2000).


For over fifteen years, Bipol Energy has provided greenfield, brownfield and other strategic services to Israel’s offshore upstream and midstream stakeholders and has acted as a consultancy and engineering supervisor for major offshore projects.

Our key disciplines include strategic management consultancy, support, design and supervisory services to the private, public and government sectors.

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Statement of Purpose

Bipol Energy applies a multi discipline approach to the complexity of the offshore oil and gas industry. 

We place high value on developing and preserving technical capabilities, expertise and know-how for the lifetime of a project and by doing so, we promise to lead the development of localized operator capabilities in the region.

What we do

Our skilled team of knowledgeable managers, consultants, and engineers combine innovation and experience to provide clients with carefully customized services and optimal results. 


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